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Optional Flirting Mod (LE3) adds extra options on the dialogue wheel in LE3 so that Shepard has an actual choice between being friendly or flirty to potential love interests.

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Optional Flirting Mod (LE3) was born out of frustration with how limiting the dialogue options in ME3 are, especially in regards to the paragon option, which serves as both an indication of friendship and romance in the vanilla game. If you’re someone like me who generally plays nice Shepards, then you would find yourself fending off romantic interest from people you just want to be friends with, unless you race to lock in your love interest before spending quality time with anyone else. Neither of which is truly a solution.

Optional Flirting Mod (LE3)

All romances are now opt-in from specifically choosing the "flirt" option with the character you're interested in multiple times rather than characters assuming romantic interest from Shepard just being friendly.

Dialogue options that indicate romantic/flirty interest have been moved to the upper left of the dialogue wheel, while retaining a friendly non-flirt version on the upper right, so you have a choice between friendly, romantic, and aggressive/no-fun/renegade options. (In romance specific dialogue, confirming/opting-in to the romance has also been moved to the upper left to try and be as consistent as possible.) This also opens up non-romantic paragon options that previously were hidden by more romantic options (that usually appear based on Shepard’s romantic history with someone) to allow greater role-playing flexibility for players.

Optional Flirting Mod (LE3)

Optional Flirting Mod (LE3)

Specific features include:

-An unromanced FemShep will now only end up sleeping with Javik at the end of the Citadel Party if certain criteria is met: Javik was invited (for obvious reasons), Javik has 10+ Friendship points (earned from talking with him throughout the game), Javik was taken on the Casino mission, and Javik has been taken on 5 or more missions. (Friendship points and the number of missions Javik has been taken on can both be edited using the Trilogy Save Editor, if necessary.)

-James Vega's scenes have been edited so that FemShep can be friendly and get the Lola nickname without all of the flirting that usually comes with it. (The flirting is still available, but FemShep has to flirt with him more than once in the "dance"/fight scene to establish that they have a flirty friendship.)

-An option to remove weird/invasive comments from others on Shepard’s relationship.

-A small edit to the shooting contest in Garrus's hangout scene that adds an option where Shepard can try to shoot the bottle and hit or miss depending on their class (Soldiers and Infiltrators hit, other classes miss). (Not flirting related, but I wanted it, so it’s in there. :P)

The mod also has a number of compatibility options, including built-in compatibility with the LE3 Community Patch, and patches that can be applied for Expanded Galaxy Mod, More Gay Romances, and more! More information on that can be found in the Compatibility and Technical Info article.

Optional Flirting Mod (LE3)

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