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Optional Flirting Mod (LE2) attempts to clear up which options pursue a romance and open up platonic options to Shepard regardless of gender.

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While not nearly as bad as ME3 (for the most part), ME2 is sometimes a major exercise in frustration when trying to talk to people without Bioware assuming you want to romance them. Optional Flirting Mod (LE2) attempts to make clearer which options pursue a romance as well as open up platonic options to Shepard regardless of gender.

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This mod is similar to my Optional Flirting Mods for 3 in spirit, though the execution is a bit different. Romance/Flirt options have been moved to the left side of the dialogue wheel, either upper or lower (or both!), but it's important to keep in mind that not every left side option is a flirt; context is important. Vanilla 2 likes to use these spots on the dialogue wheel far more than 3 ever did, and there’s only so much room on the wheel. For the most part, my general rule was if it was a specific investigate option unlocked by a previously taken investigate option, leave it. Others were moved into the main investigate section.

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Other features include:

-Give FemSheps a less flirty "I just want to talk" voiceline with Jacob.
-Add an option so that Shepards don't have to hug/kiss Liara upon reuniting with her on Illium; now hugging/kissing Liara requires taking a paragon interrupt.

-An option to remove Aria's "find a nice girl/man to keep you warm" comment.
-An option to remove Gianna kissing a Male Shepard at the end of their Illium meetup.

(For these last two, if these options are selected and Same-Gender Romances is also installed, they will override that mod's changes to those scenes).

OFM2 has built-in compatibility with the Unofficial LE2 Patch, and compatibility patches for a number of mods. Information about that can be found in the Compatibility and Technical Info article.

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