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As it would be hard to fit it all into the description, we have decided to create a article for those who have taken a interest in the mod, in which we will present you with how the mod works and what new features it brings.

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New Resources;

Coal - Coal will be an important resource in the late game, but can also be in the early game. Coal will be needed to build blacksmiths and research upgrades, in the late game coal will be used for factories. Coal will be used in the recruitment of modern ships (tier 3), in making units that have metal on them, for example tier 1 knights or cannons, this will ensure there is no spamming of units making players play properly in a more realistic manner.

Rare Materials - Different Rare Materials such as obsidian, sulphur and others. Those materials will be used for recruiting gunpowder and other special units. (This will be discussed in more detail in a future article)

Fabric - Fabric is a resource that will be accessible very easily it will be used for both buildings and units. This will not only increase the length of a match but help reduce the spamming of units and make the game a bit more varied/complex. Fabric will be gatherable via bushes containing cotton in early game, from sheep and from plantations later in the game.

Reorganization of how units are recruited;

As mentioned in the description, units will be replaced with upgrading to a new tier. We are not only doing this but we are reorganizing which buildings can recruit what types of units. We will go into this feature in a future article in much more detail once we have created it, however we will start with the basics.

Firstly in the base game you can recruit Militia units, archers and cavalry via your civic/town centre, this will no longer be as in this mod you will only be able to recruit militia infantry in tier 1 however we are keeping it so you can recruit women and workers from this building.

Secondly, the barracks building will no longer be your main centre of recruitment, as of now this mod will make it so you will need several different types of buildings to recruit certain units for each era. Currently we have these buildings planned;

The Archers/Shooting Range - The archers range will be buildable from tier 1, it will be upgradable in tier 2 and in tier 3 it will become a shooting range. This building allows players to recruit the majority of their ranged units.

The Mustering Grounds/Barracks - The mustering grounds will be buildable from tier 1, it will be upgradable in tier 2 and in tier 3 into becoming the barracks. This building allows players to recruit the majority of their melee units.

Stables - The stables is a building that will be buildable from tier 1 as well, it will be upgradable a course but it will not change in appearance, upgrading it will only result in the player having the new set of units for that tier. This building allows players to recruit the majority of their cavalry units.

Dockyard - This will remain the same as it is in base game, it will be buildable from tier 1 and we have yet to decide if it will change in appearance throughout the tiers. This building allows players to recruit/build their naval units.

There will be new buildings for recruiting units, for example siege engines and ones to recruit generals/hero units however we have yet to decide on this buildings therefore they will be discussed and shown in a later article.

Reorganization of the economy;

For the economy, this topic will cover the types of buildings themselves and some of the economic units you can build. So firstly, harvesting resources and taking them to your farmstead and work store, etc will remain the same. We have no intentions of changing this.

Secondly there will be new buildings introduced for the economy throughout the game as in the base game as you upgrade to each tier. For now we do not have a very good or detailed idea of what buildings we want to add however for European factions as offensive to some as it may seem we will be adding cotton plantations.

Thirdly there will be a introduction of new economic units, there will be the introduction of men workers which will be able to build more than women because its historically accurate and one we are adding in because this mod aims for historical accuracy of the era, is African slaves which will be recruitable from markets.

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