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Hello everybody! In this article I will introduce you to new features and gameplay features related to weapons in the Lost Rebel.

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Hi guys! At the beginning of working on the mod (Lost Rebel), Du_cK and I wanted to rework most of the things related to weapons in the game. In the past, there are many versions of our developments, developments based on MMod and more. And now, we have something to show you, weapons based on models from STCop mod (from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

(world model)

20220131232313 1


20220131232436 1


USP - one of the pistols that will be available in Lost Rebel. Every weapon has an ironsight and the USP is no exception :20220131232709 1

Each gun will have its own properties and the player will be able to choose the right weapon for himself.

(some screenshots)

20220131232438 2

20220131232526 1

20220131232557 1

The next weapons in line are the KAR98.

20220131232321 1

(world model)


20220131232858 1


KAR98 - the sniper rifle of the WWII, after a while, is still practical, there is a 3-d sight.

At some points during the passage of Lost Rebel, the player will be given the choice to kill a cluster of enemies "from afar", this rifle is best suited for such a task.

(some screenshots)

20220131233113 1

Next in line is the SPAS-12 shotgun.

20220131232329 1

(world model)


20220131233211 1


SPAS-12 - An Italian shotgun developed in the late 1970s. In Lost Rebel, he will be indispensable in shootouts with enemies at very close distances.

Since the SPAS-12 is considered a "full-fledged" weapon, you will have to alternate it with other rifles. The firing process is complicated, unlike the original Half Life 2, it is necessary to distort the shutter with a separate click after each shot (mouse1)

(some screenshots)

20220131233355 1

20220131233215 1

20220131233229 1

Next weapon - UMP 45.

20220131232337 1

(world model)

UMP 45

20220131233433 1


UMP 45 - This is an effective submachine gun used at medium distances, in Lost Rebel it shares one inventory slot with the rest of the rifles (including automatic ones).

The weapon also has ironsight, in Lost Rebel, in addition to UMP, there will also be automatic rifles, the full list will be announced a little later.

(some screenshots)

20220131233512 1

20220131233439 1

20220131233436 1

And the last weapon presented in this article, RPG-7.

20220131232343 1

(world model)


20220131233559 1


RPG-7 - This is a Russian grenade launcher, in Lost Rebel it will be used to clear large concentrations of the enemy and against heavy equipment.

This will be the only grenade launcher in Lost Rebel, devoid of an automatic guidance system.

(some screenshots)

20220131233613 1

20220131233605 1

20220131233629 1

I would also like to mention the weapon change system.

In Lost Rebel, you will be able to carry only a few types of weapons, a full arsenal, as in the original Half Life games, will not work. The player will be free to choose what to play with.

An example of this system -

20220131233528 1-In the hands of the UMP 45 player, in order to change this weapon to KAR98, you need to press the G button on the keyboard (you can change it in the settings).

20220131233529 1-Drop weapon.

20220131233532 1-And now the player has the desired weapon in his hands.

The Lost Rebel development team thanks you for reading this article, it is worth clarifying that this is not the final quality, we will try to diversify the gameplay of our mod, wait for updates, good luck to everyone!

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