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Have some questions? Read this FAQ, maybe you can find the answer you need!

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Any doubts? Here are some answers that may help you!

1 - What is this game?

This is a Mod for the Duke Nukem 3D game that rebalance the game and remix elements from prototype versions of it with new modern things.

2 - What's a mod?

Mod stands for "modification", like the name says, this is a modification of the original game into a "new one".

3 - Is it free?


4 - What do I need to play it?

You need the original "Duke Nukem 3D" game, more especifically, the 1.5 version or the "Atomic Edition".
Just copy the duke3d.grp to the mod's folder (where eduke32.exe resides).

5 - Can I play it on polymost or polymer?

You may try it, but it's no recommended. The only way I can guarantee the mod will work is in 8-bit software mode.

6 - Who the hell is Duke Nukem?

It's the best game character from the 90's era. If you don't know him, you should buy Duke Nukem 3D and check it out by yourself. Hail to the King baby!

7 - Is the king back?


8 - My game keeps getting into a black screen after the splashscreen and the scoreboard... What's wrong?

Check item number 4. Most problably you're missing the duke3d.grp file.

9 - Where can I buy the original game?

You can buy it on Steam (The World Tour version) or you can buy it here: Duke Nukem 3D

10 - Where's the fourth episode (The Birth)?

Come back here in december. Stay tuned!!

11 - Can I play it on Raze?

No, the only sourceport supported for this is the Eduke32. This mod supplies you with a customized version of it.

12 - Any plans for supporting Raze Touch?


13 - Do I have to download Eduke32 to play it?

No, the mod comes with a customized version of the port. Don't try to play it with another version of the port cause it won't work.

14 - Does it support multiplayer?

Not yet, but stay tuned.

15 - What's the correct to way to play it?

Select the "Damn I'm Good" skill level, open a can of beer (or any drink you want) and go kick some alien ass.

Any other doubts, please leave a comment or go to the forum to ask for help in the Bug Report board.

Thank you for you support. Stay tuned.

Hail to The King Baby!

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