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This is how the water refraction works in the laser tool. A lot more accurate. I gave up using fraction left solid for normal props as it only work on map entities.

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Just clone this repo in your addons folder or subscribe in the workshop.


The code base has been drastically changed now and does not correspond to the original 2.0 version anymore. This was the only way I could support the things I needed the most from the addon:

  1. Very stable crystal calculating routine and beam trace
  2. Reflect beam traces via hit surface material override
  3. Refract beam traces via hit surface material override
  4. Calculate full internal reflection according to medium boundary
  5. Code base and updates in tone with Garry's mod 13
  6. Supports wire and every element supports advanced duplicator 1 and 2
  7. Wire inputs override internals when connected
  8. Internal wire wrapper taking care of the wire interface
  9. Surface reflection and medium refraction power absorption
  10. Better model for the crystal entity not to get confused where beam comes out
  11. Material override can be saved and restored with advanced duplicator 1 and 2
  12. Editable entity support option for changing internals of the laser elements
  13. User customizable models for active entities and reflectors via convar tweak
  14. Absorption degradation and self sustain beam loop for crystal entities
  15. Wiremod API for retrieving beam source settings and make control feedback
  16. A bunch of different laser addon dedicated elements you can find here in the wiki page
  17. Coding effective wrapper for editable entity manipulation and adjustment


I see many copies of this tool everywhere, but still, there is none that have crated official repository for community contribution, besides, I think the original author will not like that in general. If you want to try the tool go ahead and install it.


Small modifications are pushed to the workshop when they are tested. Large modifications require a dedicated PR, which when gets tested and when merged is pushed to the workshop automatically.

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