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This game is a 2D sandbox space game, inspired by the original "Frontier Elite". I've taken some liberties regarding the gameplay, but overall, you're a space pilot and can choose your own destiny!

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Stardust Tycoon gameplay demo 1 - Indie DB


  • Procedurally generated continuously expanding 2D universe
  • Thousands of different ship brands you can fly
  • Numerous upgrades to your ships to help in your adventure
  • Interact with a lot of different NPC's and follow their daily routines
  • Help local enforcement in keeping planets safe
  • Stock market - Buy and sell shares to increase your wealth



  • Trader. Buy and sell commodities between systems
  • Passenger carrier. Transfer passengers between system
  • Pirate. Attack traders and ferries and loot them for their commodities, avoid the local law enforcement
  • Miner. Mine ore and find rare gems and minerals
  • Explorer. Discover new star systems, and reveal the story of an ancient alien race

Buzz words

  • Travel in a continuously expanding procedurally generated 2D universe
  • Choose your own fate and fortune. Be any role at any time
  • Increase your wealth, and use it to get bigger and better ships - or to upgrade existing ones
  • Reveal the mystery story regarding an ancient superior race, long gone
  • Encounter thousands of different other ships, some friends some foes
  • Help local community by taking on missions
  • Mine ore on the planets to further increase your wealth
  • Colonize new star systems - Make them your own
  • Become the ultimate tycoon in space

Procgen spaceships


The game is currently in development and will be released on Steam when it's good and ready. I'm working on it alone and use whatever spare time I have, to polish and adding new features. I'm using HacknPlan as a project planner and have planned with 6 milestones for the complete project. I'm currently on the end of the first milestone, with the second being building and releasing a small demo.

I'm also actively updating a devlog on TigSource so feel free to drop by and give me a comment :)


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