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Here you can find a list of unit types available in HOTmod 68. They will be presented in reference to the units we've all become familiar with from WW2. This is Part 1.

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Both American and Soviet doctrine went through small changes after WW2 but generally remained similar, with few fundamental changes. Mechanization was heavily emphasized, with both countries developing dedicated specialized APCs to ferry troops into battle - the M113 for the US, and the BTR-60 for the USSR. Basic infantry squads will come in "Foot" and "Mounted" form.

Also note that I made the decision to remove the Truck-mounted squad option because in a battle, truck-mounted troops would dismount *far* from the fight, and move into the battle zone on foot - essentially, "Foot" infantry in-game are actually truck-mounted, they've just disembarked from their truck at the point they spawn onto the map.

US Army squad-level order of battle retained the size of the basic squad at 10 men. The M1 Garand was replaced by the single-shot M14 battle rifle, and the M1918 BAR role - the Automatic Rifleman - was replaced by the M14A1 modified for full-auto fire, and each squad was delegated two of these instead of one. In addition, two riflemen were authorized to carry the new M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW) in every squad, while two riflemen were swapped out for two M79 grenade launchers to give the infantry extra long-range punch.

In addition, whereas standard Rifle Platoons in WW2 consisted of 3 rifle squads, post-war this was modified to transform one squad in each platoon to a Weapons Squad, equipped with two M60 medium machineguns and two M67 Medium Anti-Tank Weapon (MAW). To reflect this, US infantry selection in HOTmod consists of a standard Rifle Squad as well as a Weapons Squad with a short cooldown timer.

Soviet squads saw more substantial and less uniform changes. The basic unmounted and BTR-60-mounted squads consist of 8 men (down from the 9 of WW2), while BMP mounted squads consist of 7, due to lack of space.

In terms of weaponry, Soviet riflemen adopted the AK-47 and AKM universally by the end of the 50s. The DP light machinegun was replaced by the RPD and then the RPK, and each squad retains one. Each squad also retains a "Sniper" - perhaps more accurately known as a designated marksman in western armies - armed with an SVD. Finally, Soviets added the RPG-7 grenadier position to every rifle squad, who carried both HE-FRAG and HEAT rockets to provide heavy fire and anti-tank fire support to his squad.


Besides their basic Rifle squads, Specialist Infantry Squads are also available. These are infantry who are trained to fight in more specialized ways than the regular infantryman, and are often equipped with unique equipment exclusive to their branch.

For the US, specialist squads include:

  • Air Cavalry Squad: Light infantry who have been issued the new M16A1 assault rifle and are totally airmobile - they are deployed via UH-1D Huey Slicks.
  • Armored Cavalry Squad: Heavy Assault infantry who ride to battle in special modified M113 ACAVs - Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles, fitted with additional armor and weapons.
  • USMC Squad: Trained in amphibious operations, they are mounted in the massive LVTP-5.

Soviet specialist squads include:

  • Motorized Guards Rifle Squad: "Guards" units are not strictly specialists, but are important formations that receive better training and equipment. Guards Motorized squads ride into battle in the new BTR-60PB - a fully-enclosed variant of the BTR-60P which mounts a 14.5mm heavy MG in a turret;
  • Mechanized Guards Rifle Squad: The Mechanized Guards are mounted in the state-of-the-art BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, which combined the role and firepower of light tanks and APCs.
  • Naval Infantry Squad: Similar to the American Marine Corps, Soviet Naval Infantry - the VMF - receive additional combat training in amphibious assault operations. The "Black Berets" are mounted in a BTR-50PK APC.
  • VDV Assault Squad: The Soviet Army emphasized the "Deep Battle" doctrine, dedicating large forces to penetrating deep behind enemy lines to encircle and disrupt frontline units. VDV are highly-trained troops armed with lightweight AKMS rifles, and the squad rides into battle on an ASU-57 - a light self-propelled assault gun crewed by the squad.


Like past games, there are also Special Forces squads who consist of the most elite soldiers, armed with the latest and best infantry weapons. SEAL teams with China Lake grenade launchers and Stoner 63 LMGs, US Army Special Forces with XM177s and XM148s, and GRU Spetznaz with silenced AKMs. The way these squads are transported can vary wildly but are usually light and very mobile, such as helicopters or heavily-armed jeeps.


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