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Guide on town conversion mechanic in H4EM. Town conversion is a new mechanic introduced in H4EM, that allows to change the faction of the town to the faction of its governor.

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H4EM town conversion guide:

Town conversion is a new mechanic introduced in H4EM. It allows to change the faction of the town to the faction of its governor.

To access this option, you need to meet two requirements:

  1. Governor of the town must have Grandmaster Nobility skill.
  2. City Hall must be built in the town.

If one of these requirements isn’t met, conversion isn’t possible.

If all requirements are met, new option will appear at town building screen:

Convert Town option

After conversion all creature dwellings, magic guilds and unique factional buildings will be demolished.

To update town screen graphics and avoid possible crashes, you need to exit from the town screen and open it again (as for version 1.0).

H4EM Campaign Editor options:

Town conversion can be blocked for certain towns on the map. To do that you should go to “Buildings” and block “Convert Town”:

Blocking town conversion

That’s how it will look in game when all requirements for town conversion will be met, but it's blocked in this town:

Blocked conversion option

I hope this guide will make it easier to get into town conversion mechanic for both players and map creators.

ApornasPlanet - - 4,120 comments

I love town conversion! They sort of have that in Songs of Conquest and it's great.

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Nimostar - - 490 comments

I don't love it at all since it reduces gameplay variety and the strategy to play to the strengths of each town you conquer...
Also grandmaster nobility is heavily biased towards Order, already an OP town.

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Albyx Author
Albyx - - 14 comments

I understand it's controversial feature. That's why you can disable it in mod manager, as well as most other changes, to get mod configuration you like!

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