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A sum of all the government types included at the moment with their descs in the mod. Join now! We keep looking for help.

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"Technocracy is a government based on meritocratic principles - that is, individuals are given leadership positions based on prior performance and qualifications, rather than inheritance or popular decree. Technocratic governments prize competition and advancement, but are prone to corruption amidst a massive bureaucracy.\n\nSome technocracies implenent limited use of AI and machines in their government, to streamline processes and carry out routine tasks."

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"With the advent of globalism and mass communications, many governments were forced to cede power to their citizens. Continuing the prized legacy of popular government and the Social Contract, democracies are highly transparent, reducing corruption and backdoor deals.\n\nUnfourtunately, increased political participation, combined with mass media, contribute to a very polarized society, where passing even the simplest of bills is a long and complicated process."

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"A radical democracy in which there is no head of government. Instead power is devolved to local councils consisting of all individuals of that community, who then are able to send representatives to higher councils for regional or national matters. Representative in any field is not a permanent role and is elected only when required.\n\nIssues are voted on directly by all those who it would effect with consensus, not majority, being the objective."

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"Following the Great Mistake, even the mightiest of nations faltered and fell into the abyss of a new Dark Age. To salvage the situation, military groups took over certain countries, ruling with an iron (and sometimes, a just) fist. Although such military governments claim to be a temporary measure, many exist for the sake of perpetuating an elite group.\n\nThe main aim of this form of government is to defend at all cost the way of life of the nation and preserve the national unity."

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"Although rare in pre-Mistake society, minarchist governments have grown and expanded following a growing distrust in worldwide governments.\n\nIn a minarchist society, all government is kept to a minimum. Only by the use of minor taxes and government contracts does centralized action take place. Instead, a large part of the country is driven by interest groups, formed by either corporate interests, or people's organizations."

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"An unstable government can be many things. Ranging from the absense of civilization to failed anarchist experiments, from massive mobs to unorthodox governments, an unstable government has difficulties in everything.\n\nPassing laws is borderline impossible, corruption can be found in all aspects of society, and the state (or what remains of it) is usually unable to collect taxes or field proper armies."

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