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GOG is running a big sale to celebrate the Valentine's period, so here's five games we love from the sale and a mod for each!

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2023's Valentine's period is going out with a bang with a big sale from GOG, including thousands of classic titles on sale real cheap. Oldies have some of the best mods out there and so today, we're picking out a few favourites from the sale, and a mod for each game!

Game: Heroes of Might and Magic IV: £2.19 GBP/$2.49 USD

Mod: Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod

By Albyx


The idea of this mod is to give players new choices, whilst preserving the feel and vibe of the vanilla game. All factions get instruments to build new strategies, but you can still use your favourite plans from the original game, because this mod prioritises enhancing the foundation of Heroes 4, rather than turning it into a completely different experience.

Game: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil: £6.09 GBP/$6.99 USD


By Sharev

Infiltration Screenshots

INFILTRATION is a stealth campaign mod for Turok 2, featuring new maps full of enemies that will call in reinforcements should they see you, stressing your already limited resources. Will you take them out one at a time, or go in guns blazing against an overwhelming force? Find a new, powerful weapon, and utilize the newly modified silenced pistol.

Game: Fallout 3: £6.39 GBP/$7.36 USD

Mod: Black Mesa D.C.

By Andyno

Black Mesa D.C. Screenshots

The main aim of this modification is to (re)create the familiar feel from the original Half-Life gameplay. And of course to give a small tribute/reminder to one of the best games ever made. It's not a total remake of the original Half-Life in Fallout 3 - there aren't new weapons or enemies to contend with - but it's a pretty faithful visualisation of Half-Life within the world of Fallout, and clever use of vanilla enemies still hit similar beats to the original.

The Dark Army: Uprising Remastered is an enhanced version of the famous Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod The Dark Army: Uprising, the first part of an unofficial yet solid continuation to the classic games of the Wolfenstein series. Emphasising huge, expansive levels, cinematic cutscenes helping bridge the gap between other stories in the Wolfenstein series of games, and new campaigns, it's a great continuation for classic fans of RTCW.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada: 2 is the second entry in that series of games, letting players command the vast and oversized fleets of 40k's factions in space combat against one another. Tactical decision making and clever positioning is key to success, and with Veritatem Imperialis 2, even more ships are now a factor for all factions - bringing to life more of 40k's Grimdark universe in modder-made style.

There's our picks for five games from GOG's We Love Games sale, which kicked off on the 13th of February and wraps up on the 20th, right before midnight UTC. Are there any games from the sale you're looking forward to digging into? Did any of the mods above spur on some warm fuzzy feelings? Let us know in the comments down below!

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This article made me re-check out Dark Army Uprising, which I was already following, and through their well-linked page other very interesting looking mods for RTCW. So thanks for that, generally nothing new for me in these recap articles, but this time yea!

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 835 comments

Glad to hear it!

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