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Welcome to Halo: Covenant invasion of earth HOI IV mod. This article is about the plans I have for the mod.

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The plans I have for this mod will require more than just one modder, so if anyone is willing to help, please do.

The mod will be about the Covenant reaching earth once again, but this time with more force. The earth is controlled by the UNSC and it's generals control different areas of the earth, for example, Miranda Keyes will be controling parts of America whilts other generals control other areas.

Events about things happening in space will occur during the invasion, for example, a text like: "The Covenant is trying to send reinforcements, should we try to stop them?" Yes = -10000 manpower, No = Covenant gets more units".

The mod takes place between halo 2 and 3 and is an alternative story.

Once again, if anyone is willing to help, contact me. I will require help in order to finish this mod.

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