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A run down of the gameplay changes coming to THUG 3

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Experience Points

The way you level up in Thug has changed! In Thug and Thug 2 a set amount of xp was given per kill. In Thug 3 "hits" gain you xp instead. Meaning each successful hit with a bullet, melee weapon or projectile gains you xp. This means that easy to use weapons that take 1 to 2 hits to kill will net less xp than a harder to use weapon that takes 3 or more hits to kill. The more times you damage an enemy with a weapon the more xp you will gain. Do you want to flame thrower through the game easily? Less xp. Want to test your skill with the ak or spaz? More xp.


Okay cool so what do I get for leveling up?

NOTHING!..... Until you find a stat vendor.

Every five levels will grant you access to a new tier of stat upgrades. So you can purchase with cash (that you find or get from kills) HP boosts, attack boosts, running speed etc.

End Game

Once you beat the game you will be asked if you'd like to quit or enter new game plus.

New Game Plus Modes


New game plus hardcore is a more challenging version of the game where you lose half your health. However this can be undone by finding a stat vendor in your play through and upgrading. Once new game plus hardcore is complete you are again prompted to restart , this time in new game plus plus hardcore. Half health and half attack loss on NG++HC If you manage to beat both you earn a code list to enable cheats and can play through one final time as mr thug himself! With mega health and attack you will dominate the game in NG+++HC New game plus 3 hardcore is the final consecutive run you can do in hardcore mode. Once completed all new runs will default to infinity and your stats will be maxed for beating NG+++HC


New game plus infinity let's you endlessly replay thug 3 and hit the level cap of 25 as well as offering the chance to fully upgrade your character and dominate the reds. You can also use it to see the alternate ending you didn't pick!

The game will offer to save before you make your NG+ choice. If hardcore is picked you MUST complete all 3 tiers to access infinity again. This is to make sure players won't get stat dinged and put into the normal game at a disadvantage. Hardcore IS NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART. It will lock you into a 3 tier nightmarishly hard version of the game. But the rewards for completing all 3 tiers will be worth it!

NG+ Hardcore Rewards

For beating all 3 tiers players will regain access to Infinity mode, as well as the following.

Special Edition Flame Thrower

Mr Thug Outfit Unlocked In End Game Home

Max stats (stats only not level)

Cheat List

Map Selection Console unlocked In End Game Home

Classic Mr Thug Outfit Unlocked In End Game Home

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