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This article explains the different versions of the mod and provides a quick guide on how to install it.

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All the attribute requirement for skills are set to 25 (which is the value of all attributes at level 1), meaning that you can level up any skill you want regardless of your attributes.
I made this mod because I noticed there's no update of the original mod for the newer version of the game, and decided to update it myself.

The mod comes in 3 versions:

  1. Attribute Freedom: the normal version
  2. Attrbute Freedom + Fast Levelling: a version that also decreases the experience needed for levelling up by 33% (if you needed 1000 exp before now you only need 660 exp).
  3. Attrbute Freedom + VERY FAST Levelling: a version that decreases experience need for levelling up by 66% (if you needed 1000 exp before now you only need 330 exp). WARNING: it may break the balance of the game

How to install:

  1. go to Spellforce Platinum Edition\data folder
  2. make a backup copy of the GameData.cff file
  3. Now put the modded version of Gamedata.cff in the folder
  4. Enjoy!

To uninstall:

  1. delete the modded Gamedata.cff file
  2. restore your backup Gamedata.cff file

I made this mod using the 1.61 publictest version on steam, it should work with regular 1.61 too. If you encounter any problems please let me know.
The mod is not compatible with any mod that modifies the Gamedata.cff file.

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