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I hope everyone is doing well despite the pandemic, staying safe and observing social distancing. I'll get straight to the point, my mother peacefully passed away last night. I will be flying back to Hong Kong tomorrow along with my sister to join our family.

If you're asking, no, she did not contract the virus but passed after a long battle with cancer. My hands are pretty much trembling as I'm typing all this so excuse me for any mistakes. I have lost my last living parent as of this writing and honestly I can't really believe what's happening.

I will not be uploading anything for a while due to most of my content will be left here in my house in London. I would also appreciate if someone can take over my role for the time being as a stand-in admin. I promise I'll come back once I settle things out.

Stay safe out there guys,


FrostWolf02 - - 445 comments

I give you my condolences friend, it is very sad when a loved one leaves this world behind with the people who loved him so much.
I hope you get home safely mate, and that everything goes well.
Good luck comrade.
PS: I can take the role of Administrator if you trust me, if not, I have no problem or objection.
I will try to upload content that I got around this community to fill the content uploads tho, just like my talented comrades.


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Blue_Spirit - - 201 comments

Im sorry to hear of your loss. Take care my friend.

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MasterChiefRulZ - - 1,448 comments

Condolences for your loss Eric. I wish you safe travels. My thoughts and prayers go with you.

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.Headmaster - - 166 comments

On behalf of the BF2 WiC PH dev team, i would like to extend my sincere condoleneces to your loved one. My thoughts and prayers and Be brave fella.


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Hjaldrgud - - 155 comments

My condolences. That's really sad to hear. Losing someone that close is hell. Take care and have a safe trip.

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BF2all - - 1,149 comments

Sincere condolences, take your time.

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Seesaw - - 101 comments

sorry for your loss, stay strong mate.

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Anthony817 - - 2,771 comments

Damn brother, this pains me to hear this. Please stay strong and keep your head up. Take as much time as you need to heal. We all completely understand.

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Eric凯妈 Author
Eric凯妈 - - 103 comments

Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate every single one of you guys. As for being a stand-in admin, it is purely voluntary and anyone can do it. I won't object.

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.M4GNUS. - - 74 comments

Sorry to hear that mate always stay strong and if you need a chatmate, message me! NP!

-Nick Aldis, NWA

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skyquake.03 - - 20 comments

condolences for your loss. may her soul rest in peace.

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Rex12341 - - 252 comments

Take your time we all can wait.

After all family is more important then a game

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