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A concise explanation of the many features in Entwicklung engineered to enhance the combat realism of MoW.

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Combat Mechanics

Vehicle Movement

Armored vehicles in the vanilla MoW, and in most mods, share very similar movement characteristics. Often, the top speed for vehicles, given in Km/h, is given a value closer to the speed in MPH, severely reducing mobility. For example, the King Tiger, with a real life speed of 41.67km/h (25.8mph) is given a speed value of "21," which means that its top speed in-game is half that of real-life. Entwicklung goes to great lengths to give tanks their historic maximum speed, with individual variants having their own characteristics.

Maximum speed, while an important aspect of combat, is often less vital than acceleration. Extensive research is conducted to provide each tank with its own real transmission details. Gear ratios are coded into vehicle files, and the time it takes to accelerate through these gears is carefully considered. Acceleration characteristics are based, when possible, on real gear ratios and historical footage of moving vehicles. Engine RPMs are also taken into account, and engines in Entwicklung are considered to be running at peak output. While the games hardcoding restricts the number of gears and doesn't really feature mechanic stats for engine power, real transmission and engine details are still used.

In vanilla MoW and most mods available, maneuvering a tank, even at full turn, gives slow rotation, much like the maximum speed of vehicles is sluggish. Turning also has relatively little impact on the forward speed of a vehicle. Entwicklung takes many factors into account such as weight and ground pressure distribution, horsepower/weight ratio, and more to provide more realistic handling. Heavier tanks at high speeds will struggle to enter tight turns, and will lose a great deal of their speed as the said turns become tighter due to inertia. Lighter, more agile vehicles will be able to maintain greater speed when turning, and will be able to perform advanced maneuvers in rapid succession. With certain "Ace" vehicles, mobility is subtly improved to represent a more seasoned crew.

The effects of terrain on vehicle movement have been enhanced for greater realism. In the past, moving from road to flat terrain negatively impacted mobility of tanks by around 25%. Historically, however, flat terrain such as tightly packed snow or dirt has little to no effect on tracked vehicles. More treacherous terrain, however, has a more significant impact. Work is currently being done in an attempt to increase the impact that ground slope has on vehicles based on their weight, and to provide different changes in mobility for each tank based on ground pressure, but this is work in progress.


In the original MoW, as well as in nearly all mods, all tank guns operate on preset characteristics usually limited to less than ten variations. Weapon ranges, while extended in many mods, are very limited, and have a huge impact on gameplay mechanics. Weapons lose accuracy and power extremely fast as range increases, and most mods only increase weapon range to around 200m for a tank cannon. The same accuracy and range characteristics are present for large groups of weapons, for which a value such as "range_maximum" or "accuracy_high" may be seen in several guns.

Entwicklung does away with this system, and each cannon is given its real penetration values at effective range based on, when available, numerous tests on homogenous steel armor. As is with maneuverability, "ace" vehicles mount slightly more effective guns than their counterparts. Mechanical aspects are not altered, but reloading time and accuracy at range see significant improvements to give the player an edge with a prized vehicle. Theoretically, most tank weapons can fire over very long distances, but most cannot operate effectively in the direct-fire role beyond distances of 2000m, and this is represented for all guns.

Most cannons in Entwicklung have a maximum range of 2000m, but their effectiveness mirrors that of real life in that each gun has its very own accuracy characteristics. Most large-bore guns lose accuracy at longer ranges, while high-velocity weaponry can maintain a more stable path. Each and every cannon has its own values to remove the constraints of the previous system and allow historical representation to present the tactical aspects of gameplay.

In addition to cannons and howitzers, Entwicklung goes a step further and enhances the realism of infantry combat as well. The firearms of soldiers exchange a similar system of presets for their own realistic characteristics. Submachineguns, rifles, and all infantry weapons are represented with their real effective ranges. Machine guns are now able to perform in the indirect fire role at long ranges, and players no longer have to risk rushing their most effectively-armed troops to suicidal ranges just to allow them to return fire.


Good luck with this!

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The reason for the ranges and such are because Men of War dont have maps that are 1000km big, its that way for the sake of balance and playability. The mods with super huge ranges across the whole map just end up badly usually if you do any skirmish on it and if anything can shoots over the entire map..yeah..Men of War isn't grand strategy.

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_Herr_ Author

I won't be making any 1000km maps... that would be insane! The largest maps I will be making will be around 1-2.5km. When I add such missions, geography and environment will be based on real settings, and players won't be able to simply move their camera to the other end of the map to spot and fire at targets. Ideally, I might find a way to fix the camera for direct control mode, while allowing players to zoom back out to direct their other units. Many other games, such as War Thunder and ARMA, are able to function well with large maps, and the GEM Engine has a lot of untapped potential in this regard. The mod will be focused on missions involving very small controllable forces. Most missions will involve the control of a single tank. Others may allow the command of a platoon or company. Players will have to micromanage their forces to minimalise casualties while overcoming numerically-superior forces. Odds are that there won't be any shots taken at distances over 500m... which is accurate to history. Most tank combat took place within this range, and the same will be true for Entwicklung. The "balance and playability" you speak of is a focus on infantry combat, and vehicular warfare, while a vital factor in WWII, takes a back seat in MoW for the sake of this balance. Entwicklung will allow all units to perform to their true potential rather than having players save up for weapons that can take out enemies at distances from which the targets cannot fire back. With respect to this, some weapons may perform better, such as the Kwk43, but unlike the original game, the M3 gun of a Sherman will be able to fire back... it just won't be as effective because, well, realism. Multiplayer matches will be balanced by the cost and availability of units, but the historic campaign missions will be as accurate as possible, and most combat that took place in WWII was in no way balanced.

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