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An in-depth explanation of bomb-making, an important feature of Decimation due to the fact that Sonic Bombs are necessary to destroy the larger armada ships assaulting your system's planets.

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Time for a spotlight on one of your ship's many functions: constructing Sonic Bombs!

Sonic bombs are very important, since they are one of the only weapons powerful enough to weaken the shields of and quickly damage the enemy armada ships that are bent on your destruction. Remember, you are racing against time as the armadas close in on your systems' planets. The faster you can stop them, the more likely no planets will suffer annihilation.

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Fortunately, construction of Sonic bombs is fairly straight-forward, thanks to the advanced AI nano-systems onboard your fighter craft. Sonic bombs can be built from the highly volatile minerals contained within the asteroids that populate your system. Mining the crystals from the asteroids can be accomplished by shooting at them with your primary laser cannon, firing missiles at them, or even using another Sonic Bomb to completely destroy nearby asteroids, revealing the minerals within. Also, the enemies projectiles can reveal crystals if they impact an asteroid, so darting in and out of an asteroid cluster when being chased by fighters is an easy way to acquire many crystals quickly.

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It takes 4 minerals to complete one bomb, and your building progress is displayed in the lower center of the HUD. Once built, the bomb will be stored in your bomb reserves, also indicated on your HUD.

Bombs are released by pressing 'X' on your controller, and will launch out of the back of your ship. Your Sonic Bombs are detonated on impact. Therefore, they will float around until colliding with an object, thankfully, other than your ship. Once triggered, the bomb will explode into a expanding ring of death, dealing devastating damage to any non-capital ship.

Decimation   c 2023 Loose Toas

We took inspiration from Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, specifically when Jango Fett launches the seismic charges from his ship in an attempt to destroy/scare off Obi Wan. I hope you have as much fun blowing things to smithereens with Sonic Bombs as we do!

I hope you'll check back regularly as we continue to write about the various features/enemies of our upcoming game: Decimation!

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