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Sinhalese inhabit the island of Ceylon. Being a centre of the spice trade, it attracted numerous invasions from Mainland India (Tamils and Kalingans) as well as from abroad (Portuguese, Dutch, British). Despite all this, the defiant Theravada Lions held firm to their traditions. Under Parakramabahu, the Sinhalese reached unprecedented heights of prosperity, even sending out raids to Burma.

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"The ancient land of Tamraparni known for its spice trade with the Greco-Romans has been inhabited by various people groups including the indigenous Veddas, Tamils, and the Sinhalese. The epic of Mahavamsa traces the lineage of the Sinhalese to Prince Vijaya and his followers who left the port of Suppāraka across the sea to reach this beautiful island. Later known by the names of Eezham, Ceylon, and Sri Lanka, this centre of the trade attracted numerous invasions from across the sea in Tamils and Kalingans, as well as from the other side of the world (Portuguese, Dutch, British). Despite all this, the defiant Theravada Lions held firm to their traditions. Under Parakramabahu, the Sinhalese reached unprecedented heights of prosperity as he launched campaigns into Tamilakam and even Burma. Their Buddhist cultural practices and architectural forms spread across Southeast Asia."


Sinhalese are a defensive civilization. They don't have any early game economic bonuses but as the time passes they become stronger. Their villagers work faster around monasteries. They are able to research all armour techs in blacksmith by just researching the infantry armor techs. Their fire ships are 20% cheaper thus allowing them to defend their costs more easily. Their elephant units cost reduced by -10 gold for each relic they garrison. Their unique unit is the Kastane Warrior trained at Castles which is an Infantry that always takes 10 hits before killed for non-elite, and 15 hits before killed for elite version. He is trained for food and wood cost only and has the prized kastane sword which returns gold when he is dead. They are also able to train Velakkaras, a two population mercenary tamil siege unit that protects units behind it and throws a boomerang that passes through massed units. Researching Land of Serendipity gives them and their allies 1000 stone instantly which is very useful for fortification. Researching their imperial age tech bondikula gun gives their hand cannoneers blast damage. Them and their allies get to build outposts with no stone cost so it might be a good idea to build more of those.


Unique Units

Kastane Warrior = Infantry Unit trained at Castle which takes no bonus damage and returns some gold when felled.

047 50730

Velakkaras =Siege Unit trained at Siege workshop costing two pop space that protects units behind it who receive 50% less damage from incoming projectiles and throws a boomerang that passes through crowded units.

305 50730

Unique Technologies

UniqueTechCastle DE Land of Serendipity = The player and allies recieve 1000 stone.

UniqueTechImperialDE Bondikula Gun = Hand Cannonneer 0.5 blast damage.

Civilization bonuses

  • Villagers work faster around monasteries
  • Fire Ships are 20% cheaper
  • Blacksmith Armour Techs merged
  • Elephant units -10 gold cost for each Relic Garrisoned

Team bonus

  • Outpost cost no stone

In-game dialogue language



Tech Tree

Sinhalese 1

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