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Full changelog to our game. As you can see it's quite a long list :D

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made by Tobivv & Tyci

Added sounds to Sasori, Chiyo, Kakuzu, Hidan, Kabuto, Pain, Kiba
Added characters difficulty to portraits
Changed dash to teleport-dash for all characters
Improved AI for Sakura, Kisame and puppets
Recolored Rain background

-remove sharingan from him and CS2
-chidori - decrease casting time and range, increase damage, bind switch with to DvJ
-bind snake to AJ
-remove teleport
-katon deals less damage later, rebind to DvA
-kirin damge increase, only works opposite of sasuke, increase cast time
-chidori spear dmg decrease
-katon dmg increase
-chidori increase cast time
-chidori current bind to AD
-add snake, bind to AJ
-chidori slashes increase range, dmg, make sasuke stop if he hits someone while dashing
-remove sharingan
-raikiri - decrease casting time and range and cost, increase damage
-decrease bury cost
-remove self-infujry from transformation
-passive healing only on circle
-decrease transform move range
-double jump mana cost increase
-ground slam dmg decrease
-increase run speed
-faster heal on circle
-faster get-up after death
-remove sharingan
-shorten genjutsu duration
-eye rip can only be done on laying characters, rebind to DvJ
-katon can be cast earlier
-increase exploding clone wait time and decrease mana cost
-easier amaterasu cast, rebind to D^J + A
-new move: spawn shadow on enemy AD
-new move: switch places with clone DD
-resenshuriken add life cost if hit, increase dmg
-revert thrown clone hp increase
-bind throw yourself to double jump
-remove clone throw in air
-kyubi trasnform move to oodama rasengan, bind to J or D
-rasengan increase range and catching area, decrease dmg
-shuriken instead of kunai
-rebind naruto rendan to AJ
-bring back item destroying
-chakra blast less casting time
-decrease kyubi rasengan dmg
-kyuubi hand increased range and damage
-reduced basic attacks kyubi damage
-make kyubi 4-tails constantly lose hp, full hp on transform
-less randomization of jutsus in 4tk
-decrease fireball cast time, dmg and cost
-decrease lightning cast time, rebind to D>A
-add wave attack, less dmg, bind to d>J
-slower run speed
-add run attack mana cost
-bring back transform
-rebind transformation to J during heart rip
-less dmg from all heart rips
-basic attack dmg decrease
-remove monster's auto attacks
-make monsters unkillable
-DvJ heals Kakuzu
-raiton monster skill change to normal attack
-basic attack dmg decrease
-choke increase dmg
(issues: heart does nothing, game doesn't end when Kakuzu dies, you have to press F4)
-make playable
-nerf bird summon
-remove dogs summon
-remove teleporting from attacks
-nerf rockets
-shinra tensei mana cost increase, dmg decrease
-stab dmg decrease
-all paths stay on the battlefield after summoning
-if atleast one additional pein is on the battlefield, pein counters attacks and grabs
Yamato Taicho:
-decrease trap time and z-range
-remove special kawarimi
-remove strong heal
-increase weak heal mana cost
-increase grab'n'smash mana cost, rebind to AJ
-rebind body throw to AD
-rebind glide to double jump
-change sand burial's range, decrease dmg and mana cost
-lower speed
-increase wind push mana cost
-decrease triple whirlwind dmg
-decrease gust dmg and mana cost
-lower wind defence mana cost
-rebind flying to double jump
-weasel dmg decrease
-increase sleep cast time, decrease sleep duration
-heal only to red bar, shield remains
-edo tensei zombie auto-targets opponents, deals less dmg, only summon one at a time, incease mana cost
-lower run attack dmg
-healing only heals to red hp
-add father puppet attack as A after each move
-father puppet attack dmg decrease, bind to AJ, increase speed
-increase smash throw mana cost
-lower puuppet summon mana cost
-shield bind to AD
-new move: summon white puppet D^J
-rebind heal to DvJ
-rebind slam to DvA
-remove summon puppet cost
-remove seeking iron sand, replace bind with unsummon puppet
-decreas giant needle time
-decrease flamethrower mana cost
-decrease fast sand cast time
-increase cube dmg
-remove hiruko transform mana cost
-decrease mass poison dmg
-transform to sasori when falling down
-remove jump
-increase choke dmg
-increase needle mana cost
-improve defence
-rebind flying to double jump
-karakuri engeki animation during attack
-decrease karasu attack dmg
-kankuro doesnt sit as long in sanshouo
-decrease amount of sage needles
-remove frog jump and rebind flaming frog to D^A
-after using manda summon you can press A to summon the one hit manda and J to summon the 2.4 manda
-decrease air tunnel and double air tunnel dmg
-decrease triple-gentle-fist dmg, add mana cost and make it easier to cast, add cast animation
-nerf byakugan so it only auto-uses kaiten when neji is idle, attacks only steal mana
-make it easier to keep spinning in kaiten
-increase cast time on 64palms
-rebind double garuga to AJ and dog riding to D^A
-remove teleport
-increase garuga and double garuga dmg
-make slash rotate kiba to face enemy after move, bind slash to J and garuga to A after this attack, increase range, add direction choosing
-decrease dog riding dmg
-ground slam reduce casting time
-bind stance to AJ and drinking to D^J
-increase open gates dmg
-counter teleport
-increase choke and short distance shadow attacks dmg
-decrease shadow control mana cost, add shuriken and kunai throw bound to D
-decrease net-trap hold time and existance time, increase mana cost, only affects enemies
-new move D^A
-rebind traps to DvJ + A - fire trap DvJ + J - net trap
-traps decrease mana cost
-decrease D>J dmg
-remove lion spam
-decrease lions "hp" and dmg
-decrease snake hold time
-remove dragon's rebounding from objects
-decrease mice slowdown and speed
-increase triple lion mana cost
-run speed decrease
-mines attack deidara
-walking mines spawn only one at a time
-increase mass-shuriken mana cost
-make invurnable when underground
-add mp-drain to samehada punches
-only one clone, better ai, less mana cost
-increase D>A mana cost

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