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Please read the description in order to find out how balance of power is in Rise of Islam 634 .

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Conquests of Muhammad and the Ra

Hello Dear Friends

First of all let me say thanks to all of you for your kind supports , I hope our mod will be more in headlines and more people will support us in the future.

In this article I will tell you about Balance of power in Rise of Islam 634 a.d
As you know , both Sassanid Empire and Eastern Roman Empire were too weak in that time ( because of endless wars with each other )
So that this is how their maximum power (their units) is in our mod !

Rashidun Caliphate : 300
Sassanid Empire : 150
Eastern Roman Empire : 160
Avars : 210
Alans : 210
Western Gokturks : 250

It's going to be challenging for Sassanids and Romans to defeat their neighbors !
But at same time it can be very amazing and enjoyable when you play as for example sassanids and you defeat a Rashidun Commander .
We are trying to make it as historically accurate as possible in order to let you feel those bloody wars and hard situation .
It doesn't mean that it's going to be very easy for Rashidun to defeat Sassanids and Romans , of course you need to lose lots of your soldiers if you want to conquer their lands .

Best Regards
RAF Team


How does it works?

I mean both Empire severely outnumbers the Muslim forces, but they still win. And M&B can't replicate complex strategy with it's AI commanders lol

Is it going to be something like...
- Muslims have fewer numbers, but decent recruit and good archers
- Romans have decent numbers, but good top tier units
- Sassanids have have plenty, but pathetic recruits

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Kawoos_Mirza Author

For example a roman soldier needs to give more damage to the rashidun one also a rashidun soldier has more chance to win a fight with roman one .

but it's not going to be a very big change because the game will be unbalanced in this way.

Just a little difference to give them more chance to win .

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Hey man, I saw this mod, and I immediately asked my self: "when will this amazing mod be ready?". I look forward to playing this mod. Just one request please: please do not include the Prophet Mohammed (PUBH), or any of his relatives (including his cousin Ali the 4th Caliph). Also try to avoid putting the Muslim call to prayer and put in its place some lute music. Thank you once again for working on this & i look forward to the day I can finally play this mod.

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Kawoos_Mirza Author

greetings to you :)

the mod's development is going well , fortunately
some small parts and 1 main part is remained to be done and version 1.0 will be ready :)

of course holy characters are not included in this mod .

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Hey Kawoos,
As per the history Rashidun Lost fewer than their enemy.

Ref: Battle Of Yarmouk
Please watch from 7 min

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