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Showcase of a new feature that will be out with the next update: custom AWARD weapons.

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Hello there, today I'm showing a new feature I added: AWARD weapons for the 4 main classes.

You will be rewarded with a CR-2 blaster rifle after a 12-kill streak with the assault class blaster rifle.

You will be rewarded with a T-21 heavy blaster after a 8-kill streak with the heavy class heavy blaster.

You will be rewarded with a SE-44C blaster pistol after a 6-kill streak with the officer class blaster pistol. I'm still not 100% that this will be the final officer award weapon, the Blurrg-1120 is my other option.

You will be rewarded with a A280-CFE targeting rifle after a 6 head-shot-streak with the specialist class targeting rifle.

Folks that follow my channel have already seen this stuff, so if you want to be updated more often, be sure to follow the channel - new stuff is coming very soon...



Can't wait to try it out! °o°

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Reward weapons don't work

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