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Did you try playing Call of Duty 4, but the Arab side? now you can with these mods.

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Maybe you played Call of Duty 4 Before, or perhaps you still play it, but you are tired from playing the same side again and again.

What about you play the other side? in 2016, I was going through the internet for these so-called "switch sides" mods, you really can't find a lot of them, but you see them for some Call of Duty games, such as 1,2, WAW and MW2, but none for cod4, why?

The answer is still unknown, but the good news, is that it's here, and now you can try playing it, and enjoy the game in another storyline.

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meanwhile, I'm still creating mods about Al-Asad Fighters, using models, textures and skins I created, or found on the internet, but mostly I create them.

Also changing voiceovers, yes, you read it right, but not all of them, I'm not that rich to pay money to studios to make voiceovers for me, but I do use "when possible" voiceovers from other games, and also applies to music.


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