Real time editing, bump mapping, dynamic lights, network system, integrated physics system, shaders, shadows and a dynamic music system are just some of the state of-the-art features the CryENGINEâ„¢ 2 offers.

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The CryEngine 2 is like a good movie. It looks, one admires, we laugh (because of bugs), you cry (because of bugs), we have fun and finally, we regret that development is already completed.

Let us say right away, the CryEngine 2 is a monster of gaming development.
Most tools require learning, but fortunately, Crytek's and the Crysis's community have had the good idea to deploy a lot of tutorials and a manual.

Overall, it does not have much to say. The interface is well thought out, the engine is relatively stable, despite a few crashes sometimes unexpected. But just look at the amount of opportunities to realize in reality, the possibilities are endless.

Time Of Day and physics are two tools really well developed and well designed. Although I have many physical gap.

The flowgraph will without a doubt the best point of the engine. Simply excellent and intuitive.

Finally, we regret simply a lack of assistance on certain tools, such as voxels, the TrackView or source code.

But in any case, this engine is a reference both visually and in terms of creativity.

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