Our Argon engine has been under development for 10 years now. With 12 games released worldwide, it is constantly improved and actively rebuilt to match today's demands. Argon is universal, easily adapted to different game genres. We have created FPP shooters, racing games, kids' platform games and farming simulators, all fit with almost no effort. Main features include: * Terrain editor to easily shape, texture and maintain huge areas. * Easy-to-use tools for creating plantlife, trees, bushes, generate roads and hurdles. * Sophisticated, realistic renderer for both outdoors (atmospheric effects, changing daytime and weather) and indoors (plentitude of lights, shadows, multitexturing and details). * Easy to use action and quest system to control game flow. * AI that uses different covering systems, group combat, civilians and armed allies. * Intergated bullet physics (bulletphysics.org) for absolutely realistic rigid body physics, vehicles and player movement. To be published soon!

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