Just like he did with the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 Zathras will keep The Babylon Project running. This patch in the form of a mod is also required for multiplayer.

Zathras 2.8


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I actually do not know, where to report one bug report, because i am not on HLP for some years anymore because of problems with some of the so-called SCP developers regarding my own builds back then, and most of them are still there ^^.

Currently i am playing "Drums of War" for an Insane video playthrough and encountered a problem with the Zathras' nrcontainer.pof. If a NR Freighter is docked with a NR Container, it is unable to dock with a G'Quan destroyer. But if i use the "retail" TBP nrcontainer.pof, everything works flawlessy. So i hope you can fix this model in future releases, because this game needs to be state-of-the-art, because it is a wonderful game. Unfortunately it do not have an active fredding community :(

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