Change log: - Added new voices for Austria & Hungary (voiced by: Graion Dilach)

wwi - alpha 0.22

I love seeing the progress on this Mod!
One tip: the British don't seem to produce units, ever. Even with enough starting cash.

That said playing the British it is very hard not to be steamrolled by the others right away. Maybe you need more ways of generating income, and certainly some pillbox-like strongpoints to build or occupy with men, to keep the early wave of grenadiers at bay.

Some Lewis AA or riflemen capable of shooting into the air would help too.

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Holloweye Author

The AI with the British have some kind of bug. Haven't looked into it too much yet.

Thanks for the feedback. A initial cash increase for the British could be an option. Although they already have ranked infantry and should be able to withstand a small rush hopefully.

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