The WrathEd tool made by Bibber, Megumi, and others. See official page for more details and/or updates.

WrathEd Download until updated by Megumi

since i cant understand how this mod tool works:
my mod wish list

ST:mammoth tank mk2 instead of marv,behemoths use artillery ability for allied player sniper units like the juggernauts do with allied sniper units(i dont mean ther own snipers.

MOK:all cyborgs heal on tib,toxic tank(retexture of flame)cyborg commando.

All Nod:gdi missile squad models instead of that poncho dudes.


codiak warship for gdi with the ability to land and act as barracks.

navy units for gdi and nod factions,like transports,battle ships,small pt boats,subs?,no need for air carrier ship.

old tiberium? and red tiberium.

secret shrine: heal units.

Zocom: only zocom use marv(gdi can have a new epic unit?codiak?),more female soldiers(idont like Mad Max: Fury Road but i have a gf that plays kw),undamaged by tib weapons after upgrade.

All epic units: be able to load all faction units inside of them and use ther weapons(ex. redeemer with railgun).

AI fix: like no vain detonation outside of tiberium(yes they do that), anti air units wait for group to move together,AI stop following stealth units,AI stop building anti commando\engineer units and chase them from the other side of the map(kills immersion vs AI),gorilla AI be more tactical (ex,get commando in Reckoner, use stealth field, sent it to enemy conyard,unload,attack),AI for multiplayer coop maps that build a base like a skirmish AI(yes you can add computer players instead of AI skirmish players in multiplayer using scripts),AI dont build SP weapons if the player haven't build one.

WB EDITOR:more string words for world editor for use of coop missions or count down timers(use common sense on what to add like enemy invasion force inbound in).

stealth generator hide its self or ignored as a target by AI?

Global conquest:disable secondary missions,no random maps for same base,no random maps at all but specific for each region,little side missions per map like destroy that take money,no stealth reveal for player,coop? nah thats too hard.

make navy transport be able to load units and be buildable by epic wf or naval base? at least make them able to load units for WB scenarios?

flame units take less damage from flame weapons,chem units the same with chem weapons.

find a duplicate actor of kane :p and make him go to the scrin homeworld to invade and find finally Ascension or use ther mind blowing tech to return to his homeworld or a twisted scenario that reveals that we are dissidents of an ancient race that once dominated the galaxy but lost to a superior race! and the scrins are just a small race? ohh my mind is going to explode!
well i wish :p

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I hope u got something in two years :D

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