- Fixed issues with Z-position of different layers so ships of different layers won't collide. - Fixed AI so build time dramatically decreased. - Fixed other minor errors - View changelog for more information.

Wing Commander Invasion mod patch 2.65
Power_C Author
Power_C - - 77 comments

Wing Commander Invasion 2.65 Changelog
- nitromon

- Do not need patch 2.6, this overwrites it.

- Changed all Z layer for each type to prevent graphics collision.

- Nephilim -
- Changes just to prevent collision. Nephilims shapes and size makes their shiplayer difficult to set.
- Hydra changed to capital
- Orca changed to capital space layer, but class remains frigate. (Too much issue keeping it on a frigate layer b/c of size)
- Tiamat will have some collision b/c the claw diameter is just too huge. Also it looks more realistic at times having starships inside the claw. For this reason, the Z adjustment for Tiamat and Tiamat hero is not set lower than the current setting.

- Kilrathi -
- Changes mostly due to size. Makes sense smaller ships are on higher layers.
- shaalkhar changed to a capital
- Kamekha changed to a frigate. Fixed issue where kamekha models remains after death.
- Rak' Shaal'ar changed to a frigate (swapped with Fralthi D)
- Fralthi D changed to a capital
- Ralaxath changed to a frigate
- Shavier changed to a supercapital shiplayer

- Confed -
- Changed Durango to a Frigate. Not b/c of size, but because it is G1.
- Increased Ranger scale to 720m, spacelayer to frigate
- Increased Hades scale to 777m
- Changed Nimitz to a corvette.
- Fix Pelican, correctly removed lifetime limit, reduced healing 50%, limit 2

- AI -
Reduced build time in difficulties
Easy - .75
Normal - 0.6
Hard - 0.5

Reduced Credit Accumulation in difficults
Easy - 20
Normal - 30
Hard - 40

Faction Credits Accumulation
Confed - 0.95
Nephilim - 0.93
Kilrathi - 0.88

- This is simply a balancing and correction patch. I take no credit other than the changes I've made. The original mod was created and developed by mapayne.

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wheelmandan - - 1,312 comments

So far man looking good keep up the work your doing i know this is so beta but the ships need that im ship not a cartoon, if i could help i wound sadly i do not have the art of making ships look more like ships. Keep it up and the ships would look like armored ship.

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Nomada_Firefox - - 3,339 comments

Very good.

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Power_C Author
Power_C - - 77 comments

Deleted patch 2.6 download since 2.65 replaces it.

2.6 change log

(Only changes listed)


G5 fleet:
Command Ship: Midway Hero (1)
- Scale/Shield/HP/Fighters increased
- Space layer: SuperCapital
Capital Flagships: Midway (2)
- Scale increase to 1800m
- stronger squadrons.
Heavy Carriers: Vesuvius (5)
- Scale increase to 1600m
- stronger squadrons.

Heroes / Special:
Tiger's Claw: Hero
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increase
Plunkett Hero
- Scale increase
Behemoth: Novelty Ship
- Scale increased significantly
- Space Layer: SuperCapital
- Placed in the mercenary base only.
- Limit Enterprise / Washington to 1 or 2 each.

Regular fleet:
Confederation: WC2 dreadnought, correctly fixed to be stronger than a Bengal.
- Texture replaced so it doesn't look like a drawing
- Shield/HP/Cost/Build time increase
- Fighters replaced with WC2 only fighters
- Added missile evading ability
- Slightly scaled down --> 700m
- HP/shield/cost reduced
- Removed missile evading ability
- Replaced with WC1/WC2 fighters
- Ship Class --> frigate.
- Changed fighter escort
- Scale down --> 500m.
- Shield/hp/cost/build timer reworked to a heavy destroyer.
- Added weapon boost ability
- Changed fighters to WC2 fighters
- Added to the main fleet.
- Removed lifetime limit.
- Added to the AI
- changed to corvette.
- changed to corvette.

- Corrected to a proper bomber
- Corrected to a proper bomber


G5 fleet:
Command Ship: Emperor's Snakeir (1)
- Scale/Shield/HP increased
- Space layer: SuperCapital
Capital Flagship 1: Hvar'kann II (1)
- Added this to the fleet, replacing Hvar'kann I.
- Scale increase
Capital Flagship 2: Snakeir (2)
- Added this to the fleet.
- Used Shaalkhar icon / Shavier descriptions.
- Shield/HP/cost changed
Heavy Carriers: Fralthi Carriers (6)
- Scale/Shield/HP/cost increased to match a Vesuvius.
- Fighters change
- Moved up to G4.
- Changed the weapons.

Heroes / Special:
Prince: Bhantkara
- Correctly swapped this with Hobbes.
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increase
Hobbes: Zhu-feng
- Swapped with Prince
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increase
Mercenary: Hvar'kann
- Hvar'kann is 22,000m. However, largest workable size is scale 6.
- With increased size, the ship is useless in combat. So moved to mercenary as novelty.
- Increased shield/HP/cost --> SSD
Mercenary: Shavier
- Scaled to 4000m of the film.

Regular Fleet:
- Only 900m, reduced role to mid carrier.
- Moved up to G3.
- moved down to G3
- Changed to a corvette
- Changed to a corvette
Fralthi Cruiser:
- Changed to a frigate

Vaktoth: Bomber
- Corrected to a proper bomber
- Added to starbase
Ekapshi: Bomber
- Corrected to a proper bomber


G5 fleet:
Command Ship: Orca Hero (1)
- Created this new hero with Kadalbe icon
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increased
- Space layer: SuperCapital
Capital Flagships: Tiamat (2)
- Scale increased
- cost/build time decreased
- Removed from mercenary
Heavy Cruisers: Kraken (4)
- Scale increased
- cost/build time decreased

Heroes / Special:
Leviathan Hero: Heavy Carrier
- Created with Krayt icon
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increase
Ammonite Hero: Fast cruiser
- Created with Vengeance icon
- Scale/Shield/HP/Cost increase
Mercenary Hero: Tiamat Hero
- Available in mercenary
- Triton Medium Carrier.

Regular Fleet:
- Changed to a frigate
- Leviathan from WC3 was a large carrier.
- Scale/Cost/build time/fighter increased
- Moved up to G2.
- Shield/HP swapped with Baracuda
- Changed to a frigate
- Swapped stats with Leviathan.
- Changed to a corvette
- Added to game files list and AI
- changed to a corvette

Raynode: Bomber
- Corrected to a proper bomber

--- Other Changes ---
- Minor building time/cost changes for balancing.
- Changed all the icon selection boxes to match the ship sizes.
- Difficulty changes - Kept health, shield, damage the same across all difficulties. Only $$, build time, and AI will change.

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