Weather Wizard by Kweeky This mod adds a tower just to the east of Skingrad... At the top of the tower lies the book of 12 stroms. You can activate the quest for the tower in the acrcane university lobby! I acctually like this mod but unfortunately it is only available in Skingrand and also only affects Skingrad. To install just right click on the rar file and extract it to #Intall Directory#/Data Now you can have some fun with this mod... enjoy

Weather Wizard
Spiritworks_Gamers Author
Spiritworks_Gamers - - 91 comments

I like this mod... You can't pick the book up but you can acctually carry it by holding down the pickup key "Z" That is the only way to make the weather change elsewhere!

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Top of the tower reminds me of the Pillars of Nosgoth. =/

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Spiritworks_Gamers Author
Spiritworks_Gamers - - 91 comments

It acctually just reminds me of cheating my whay to the roof of the gold tower in the Imperial city

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Homoerectus1994 - - 54 comments

Ever heard of the command: "FW >Weather Code<"?

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