Warhammer 40,000: Epic Legions is the game of massed battles, where titanic armies clash over huge battlefields. Hundreds of tanks & colossal Titans duel across ruined cities, while entire regiments lay siege to immense fortresses. This is where warriors die in their thousands & heroes make their mark on the galaxy.

Warhammer 40,000: Epic Legions (Patch for v2.0)

much thanks epic one!

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Deuce_Savage Author


Just dump the "Data" & the "Locale" folders into the THQ/Soulstorm/Warhammer_40,000_Epic_Legions folder.

Some fixes & corrections plus addons for the Elder Phantom & units, Space Marine Reaver.

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Deuce_Savage Author

Those using Steam & having troubles to play this mod, look here...

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Deuce_Savage Author

We are slowly breaking away from the old Dawn of War & concentrate on the new franchise - WARHAMMER 40,000 & the EPIC LEGIONS universe comes with it - Fielding the greatest, largest Legions of troops, tanks, Titans ever assembled in the history of WARHAMMER 40,000!!! Expect titanic battles of epic proportions! We only use the best units that go into the mod, no rinky dinky stuff! The possibilities are endless!

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why i don't see 18 new races? is the color sheme ? or race?

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Deuce_Savage Author

You have to down load & include the other mod races for Soulstorm & add them into the module.

Using a combiner, you could now include other races such as:

Black Templars by jones1979
Craftworlds by Craft. Mod team - Risky option, works but effects our team colors with odd anomalies.
Chaos Daemons by UA Mod Team
Dark Angels by Thudmeizer Mod Team
DOWAI by Thudmeizer
Inquisition Daemon Hunters by Thudmeizer Mod Team
Steel Legion by MaestroRobertus
The Dance Macabre - Harlequins by fuggles2k
Tyranids by Zahaqiel
18 races & counting!

Your module should look like this:

UIName = Warhammer 40,000 Epic Legions
Description = The Warhammer_40,000_Epic_Legions mod for Soulstorm. A Warhammer Classic!
Playable = 1
DllName = WXPMod
ModFolder = Warhammer_40,000_Epic_Legions
ModVersion = 2.0
TextureFE =
TextureIcon =

DataFolder.1 = &#xLO;CALE%\Data
DataFolder.2 = Data
DataFolder.3 = Data_Shared_Textures\&#xTE;XTURE-LEVEL%
DataFolder.4 = Data_Sound\&#xSO;UND-LEVEL%
DataFolder.5 = Data_Whm\&#xMO;DEL-LEVEL%

RequiredMod.1 = dowai
RequiredMod.2 = objective_points_ss
RequiredMod.3 = tyranids
RequiredMod.4 = btmod
RequiredMod.5 = steel_legions_ss
RequiredMod.6 = inquisition_daemonhunt_ss
RequiredMod.7 = daemons
RequiredMod.8 = thedancemacabre
RequiredMod.9 = dark_angels
RequiredMod.10 = DXP2
RequiredMod.11 = W40k

Other mods being tested to combine, pending as well. Edit module with Notepad.

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Deuce_Savage Author

This mod is based from a CD version (Non Steam version).

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