Installation instructions: 1. Brood War is also necessary for the TC to work, patched to 1.07 (patch and patcher included). 2. Locate the file "patch_rt.mpq" in the main Starcraft directory and rename it to "patch_rtOLD.mpq" (you can also back it up). The TC has a file with the same name and we want to avoid overwriting it. 3. Unzip the "Alpha" file in your Starcraft directory, making sure the "use folder names" option is checked. 4. Create a folder named "Warcraft" in the starcraft\maps directory, so it should read for example, D:\games\starcraft\maps\Warcraft. Unzip the "maps" file into there. These are all the maps i could recover, maybe they are all the maps ever created for this mod. 5. Unzip the "Update" file in your Starcraft directory, place the Broodwar cd in your hard drive (or mount an .iso of it) and run war3tc.V2_2.exe. Now start Broodwar and the TC will load.

Warcraft III: Starcraft TC
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