Just a wallpaper I decided to make while bored one afternoon. Sizes included are: 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1080. For some reason the preview image is low quality and looks slightly blurry. The actual images look much better.

Wallpaper 1
Syl2r - - 42 comments

Beautiful. I realy like the imperial eagle taken from the romans, truly they were a great civilization.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

It's an Eagle, it doesn't means that it was taken from romans ._.

And wow, this wallpaper is sweet!

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Kody94 - - 77 comments

I think he means they used it in that fashion first.
Anyway, nice wallpaper!

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masterchief396 - - 425 comments

I love you guys! Lol. Nive work!

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blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

Nice wallpaper :)

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CakeMaster7 - - 501 comments

Did you guys make this in Photoshop or was this drawn my someone? It looks amazing!

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FoobyZeeky - - 60 comments

I would download and use this, but it might make me look like a Nazi to everybody else... but very nice artwork!

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