This is a program used to fix up valve's VMF map files, it can replace missing textures, missing models, skyboxes with ones from the hl2 beta, outdated map entity names to currant existing ones. Fixes "black" brushes and models. Updates HL1 entities to HL2 ones and sets Inputs/Outputs automatically. Automatically adds Inputs/Outputs. Moves keyvalues from entitie's axis into MoveDir keyvalue for func_button, func_door and some other entities. Replaces env_sound for working env_soundscape with proper keyvalues. Adds correct SOLID keyvalue for prop_static entity. Adds correct MoveSound keyvalues for func_tractrain. Moves values from "mass" keyvalue into "massScale" keyvalue, supported by the engine. Replaces npcweapon_mp5k with weapon_smg1 for npc_metropolice. Fixes sound names that were ranamed since 2001 for func_door_rotating and ambient_generic. Credits to fire64 from, this tool is used to fix hl2 beta specific maps but can be used for valves map files also.

VMF Updater

does it work with hls beta

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Bost0n-KR33m Author

i think so but i m not sure

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