!Updated! This is an addon for Imperial Civil War mod by Corey.It doesnt really add anything just changes a few things around.If you have patch 1 or the base version it is advised to download update 2 due to many bugfixes and additional content.This mod is a custom modification and was neither created nor is it supported by the Thrawn's Revenge team. The Thrawn's Revenge team is not responsible for any negative effects from installing these files nor can they be held responsible for fixing any issues which arise from them. This is non profit mod created for entertainment i do not mean to steal Corey's work these are only modified files nothing contained here is 100% copied from his mod. This mod contains a second datapack that contains files that would allow every faction in the game to build and use boarding shuttles.It also contains a third datapack named uninstall with which you can uninstall the mod quickly.Saves from previous versions will work on newer versions

Units for All ICW 2.2.5 minimod
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