Release version for the #makeitsuperhot contest. Compared to the Demo released two days ago, it has a fix for PulseGun primary fire projectiles, and plenty texture recolors.

uHOT v1.0

A great,brilliant work! But The game slows down (The game is a little frieze). Please increase game performance. And there is still a bug. If you remove the mutator and want to play Practice Session again, the game is in slow motion. I have to write in console SLOMO 1.
I play on directX9 render on Windows 7 (64-bit)

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Darkness Author

Gadavre, thanks! The game slows due to the excessive usage of simultaneous projectiles, and specially when there're many trails, so yeah, it's much heavier than UT in terms of processor usage. I could try making it softer on the engine, but I'd need not only to find the right balance, but to understand its limitations better.

Regarding the "bug", I already had instructed it on the "troubleshooting" session. I'm not sure I could slowdown the engine without affecting the settings.

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Nice Work

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Uh, are the bots supposed to be able to fire at normal speed when i stand still?
Anyways, i didn't think a mod like this would exist for a game like UT99, tis an awesome encounter in the world of modding

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