Trials of Azra - Onion Core - Demo version 1.0.2 - Windows 32 bits build

[OLD] Trials of Azra - Windows 32 bits Demo v1.0.2


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OnionCore Author

We just added it to the description.

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DarkBloodbane Online

I've tried the demo and my first impression was the control is awkward. I mean, why W is used for rolling while D for jumping?. W is usually used for jumping and it's more intuitive to pick a key at upper part of keyboard for jumping. OTOH D is close to S which is usually used for crouching and thus D is best suited for rolling instead

But my second impression is I love the puzzle. I love using animals or creatures to solve puzzles
Well, the fun stopped at first sewer level as I got this bug:

[URL= Bug_zps1rjdlm8r.png.html][IMG] Bug_zps1rjdlm8r.png[/IMG][/URL]

Yep, the slime can't plug the leak
Oh yes, in relate to this, when I killed the right slime with fire, it respawned on right wall instead on the ground (where I possesed it before)
I hope these bugs will be fixed

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OnionCore Author

Thank you for reporting the bug with the pipe holes and the Slimes! We've detected the root cause of the issue and fixed it accordingly. Please try to continue your game in the just uploaded 1.0.2b version using the same SaveFile.

Regarding the control scheme you mention, we believe that given the actions Sam can perform, it's more convenient to have the three basic actions (attack, special attack and jump) in the same row and with the three main fingers available so the player doesn't need to move from, let's say, the special attack, to do a jump. In any case, we'll take your opinion into account when we take our final decision on the matter.

Finally, regarding the respawn of the Slime; the enemy spawns are fixed and aren't bond to the spot where they were possessed. In the case of the Slime you mention, its spawn point is on the right wall.

We're glad to hear you enjoyed the Demo so far, and we hope you keep enjoying the rest of it. Please don't hesitate to ask further questions, report bugs and/or make suggestions, it helps us a lot to improve the game.


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