Version 0.8 brings three major updates. Firstly, a new chapter to test out - "The Isle of Dawn" - should provide the player with exciting new adventures. Secondly, spells, spell spheres, spell trees and mana costs have been modified/ added. Thirdly, the implementation of the new hero creation screen provides more details than ever. We are almost done in reaching our goal of improving the hero system, only small modifications still need to be done.


Awesome, downloading now, will let you know if I find any bugs :D

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Hi Patrick, when do you think you will release the full version? Or a version which will be compatible for save games/characters?

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Patrick_Winekiller Author

Hello milinm,

Since this project is working on a volunteer basis (whoever wants to help does so whenever and how much he/she wants), it is too hard to determine anything. We do not have a schedule, but generally, the more people help us, the faster we get new versions out.


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i played for a few days and I am not sure if it is the game itself or my computer. it crashes very frequently, i had the windows xp compatiable on. the campaign is still not available. when I play the game in Bronzeman model, it sometimes automatically starts another game after I distributing the APs. and when the game starts it shows a black screen and my hero is dead, after backing out, shows not only my hero was not leveled, also my items are gone...disaster.... happened a few times. just want to say great work but still it is very unstable as far as I am concerned.

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Thank you so much this game rocks

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