Hi everyone, today is a good day i bring you the alpha release of Toywarz ENJOY! Alpha Contents: =======Teams========= Red Toy Soldiers Purple Toy Soldiers ======Weapons======= Flamerthrower Sniper Pen Experimental Mg Also the kits have been modified, so ther are now flare guns and more sticky c4 in kits ======Maps========= BedroomWarz Twenty Fith Avenue (full house) Operation TableTop (Experimental) ======Extra======== Visit for the battlecraft vietnam toywarz lst and cfg files Also we are looking for new team memebers (modelers,mappers,skinners,coders,beta testers) to help develop the mod :) please contact me on Also we would like to see some funny screens you gamers take of the mod send them to Thankyou and ENJOY!

Toy Warz Alpha Version 0.1

Hehehe... Now get to kill toys.

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