The second, and much more edited version of Tiberian Falon. Easier to install and remove.

Tiberian Falon Beta V2.0 (ZIP)

Can someone please help me? I have downloaded this mod and infact several others i.e ts fallon, ts 3, The latest TS/FS patch (v2.03) and cannot seem to get any of them to working. As instucted i have extracted all the files into the ts directory but the only change ther is to my game is that i can now build mobile constuction yards. This happens when i either paste retro, fallon or ts3 into my ts directory. i no strange right? And when i try update to TS/FS patch (v2.03) i get the same problem (i think) as SGboy99 earlyer mentioned wher im told just told to insert a ts disk into drive. If anyone has any help please reply to this cause these mods look so cool id literally kill to play lol thanks

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ShadowExcadrill Author

I have encountered some problems with this mod and have repaired them...

These problems were:
1. Sometimes the game quits when starting a skirmish game.
2. the Nod AI has only a Con Yard (they cant build a Shipment Facility in a manner)
3. The added soundtracks wont be in the list..

If you have encountered more problems, please tell...

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