This is the incomplete, As-Is version of "The Cage".

TheCage AsIs

I have a problem.

As soon as I start the game I see flowers, pots, and other items just floating in the air. Judging from their position, it's obvious that there should be furniture beneath them (tables). But they are just invisible, and I can even walk through that space. One example is the location of the first letter we get to read. The letter is there, but it is literally floating.

I am not sure if this is important to the story overall, but it doesn't feel aesthetically right. Is this a problem on my end? Maybe a bad interaction from another custom story or mod that I have installed?

I tried to delete the whole file, re-extract it, and place it in the Custom Stories folder again, with no luck.

EDIT: Also, 2 more things I found out.

1) I noticed that for me, there is no music playing in the background. It plays for ~3 seconds when I start the game, then it "mutes".

2) When I get close to the toilet flush, I cannot hear my footsteps. My character moves and all, just without sound.

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AuroraGuiniverePrice Author

Some of the AMFP assets are not showing up as they should. That's what's invisible.

As for the music, there is no other music playing other than the bit in the beginning, the singing, and the end credits. I liked the effect it gave and so decided to keep it like that. :)

Not sure on the toilet bit though. :/

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