Joshua Ackermann enters the district of Whitechapel and finds himself in front of a rather non supportive crowd. He doesn’t know it yet but this night in the district might be his last.. You are a lamplighter and your main duty is to light all the lamps in the district. This first night is the perfect chance for you to start showing what you can do and if you are good enough - your boss - Peter might keep you in this job longer than this night.. only if you survive. Embark in an obscure and eerie adventure in a victorian era set-up, finding yourself overwhelmed by a feeling of distress. In this first night you will encounter characters that will present you with choices. Depending on your actions the entire community will behave differently towards you. Some characters will be more important than others, some might lead you to a truth you are not prepared for. Will you have what it takes to fulfill your duty and make it alive to see the day rise again..?

The WhiteChapel
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