Now available the Legends Of Steel Beta Complete in English.

The Legends Of Steel Demo Beta v1.0
fastLegs - - 723 comments

I really enjoyed that mission felt like i was really playing mow compared to my missions :P
Hope you fix the mini map which is real easy to do and maybe add in some scenario scenes at intro or when the train rolls in..
Apart from that nice work dude keep going hard..

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Paveck - - 18 comments

Yeah, I enjoyed this mission so much like fastLegs.
(The skins of polish army is great ;)

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Jaggardz - - 203 comments

I liked the mission was so fun, although getting into that fortress was very hard. e.g the enemy had to many at rifles...
That's my opinion anyway.

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AIG1860 - - 187 comments

i guess the next demo would be not mean i don't like this one...however,more content in demo more fun we'll gather...

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TheSoldier - - 1,241 comments

Nice! The forteress was reallt good (and hard to defeat), the skins better! Although another mission (maybe a short para one) might give the demo a bit more meaning. Not to make the demo AS IT IS RIGHT NOW bad to anybody, though.

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fastLegs - - 723 comments

the riddler ... riddle me this riddle me that ..lmfao

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TheCurryCave - - 3 comments

does this work for assault squad

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Patryk0305 - - 12 comments

hi can enybody help me, i have a bit of a problem:)
i can´t download and open the mod
i create a folder names men of war, next a folder names mods, then i create two: resóurce and localization, and then a folder names the legends of steel demo..
but when i have downloaded the mod it dont wonna show op the the men of war option
but it looks like a really nice mod. maybe try to create one when you are the polish soldiers.

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Berkolok - - 72 comments

demo :(

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88milimeter - - 450 comments

Finally a mod that is actually downloadable! (Not some weird file or .rar)


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