The Greek Wars 360 BC – 338 BC. Version 1.01. There are two campaigns 11 factions on the small Island map the other includes all of northern Greece with 19 factions. Mod foldered so it will not ruin your existing game.

The Greek Wars (TGW v1.01)
Clonik - - 1 comments

Yes it's a very good mod! I like it! But just a think: City's names are in English or in an other language?? Because I often use cheats and some city names doesn't work! It's just for information, not so important! Nonetheless the mod is magnificient!

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SyntaxErr0r - - 38 comments

I get an error saying "Could not read file data/descr_battle_map_lighting_and_fog_control.txt". If I copy it over from the original RTW files to the twg data folder, I get another error, and then another, and so on and so on. Anybody has this experience?

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Tallestdavid - - 975 comments

wish this was updated with updated greeks. :) this is the best mod for sure and used it for ages.

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