Play the first four Levels from the First Encounter recreated in Bogus Detour

The First Encounter Bogus Detour Edition Beta
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Hi have played your modding contest entry and it was great fun!
Although it is clear that your favorite gun is the shotgun because for
that there was enough ammo around. But hardly any of the other weapons were used in this mod, or they were but then there was no ammo around. I think it is best to offer all weapons to the player, with enough ammo so he can use his personal favorite weapon. In some places it was simply to hard, specially at the end of level 4 i did die so many times that i had to stop playing. other then that, great fun!
thanks for the time and effort you did put in to this, i know how much it takes because i to made a mod, lol.


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StrikeUnleashed Author
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I just tried to recreate the first encounter as good as possible with the limited time given and the first few levels give the player the shotgun for the most time but if you can find the secrets you can also get the rocket launcher and assault rifle as well. I'm also aware of the balance problems in this mod but these can be fixed easier, when I have enough time again. Anyway, thanks for the comment and feedback :)

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