It's been way too long since I posted anything on this. I hadn't had a decent graphics card for a while and also had other personal reasons but that's not important. This is a beta of the fifth test chamber. It's small, and not very difficult, but it's only the fifth chamber. I'm just looking for some feedback. This chamber is the second one based on turrets, but the next few will focus on different hazards.

Test chamber 05 beta
p0rtalplayer - - 187 comments

Wow...pretty tricky for a chamber 5. Nice job, the concrete wall textures by the beginning elevator looked like they coulda been adjusted...but overall the map quality was pretty good. Nice going, can't wait for the mod!

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Murdouken - - 317 comments

Mate, I've been watching this for ages and didn't realise it was still in active development. Thanks for making me reinstall Portal. Fffffffffff-

I'll be back once I've done it.

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