Here's a Tech demo showing off most of the core gameplay. Controls: W,A,S,D Walks. F- Flash light. R- Reloads, Left Click- shoots, Middle Mouse button Launches grenades. Right click objects to move them around(crates, barrels) 1 - does first killstreak(if available)

Tech Demo

I like your game so far but you should do something to improve the performance.Apparently game maker has serious issues handling performance as I have the same issue in my game.Perhaps you could add the resources loaded from a file instead of having a big .exe ;)

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slippery42388 Author

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I've been told by a couple friends now that it's running really slow for them as well. I'll have to pick up a older computer and get it running perfectly on it lol

Right now I'm running a custom built PC with
4th gen i5 OC @4ghz
8gb ram
2gb MSI graphics card
and a 7200 hdd.
Everything runs super smooth on this thing, so I kept making it more complex XD

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