This is the same file that whas uploaded to the intel appup store. This game is for ultrabooks with windows 7 or higher. But do work on windows vista and higher when using arrow keys and space key. Please keep in mind that the first logo screen is to be clicked away with the mouse if you don't have an touch screen. And you also have to move down the mouse cursor to the center of the screen and click mouse to get the level selection. This is simply because it whas developed for touch screens. I upload it here as intel shutdown there appup store that whas the only place where it whas stored to be downloaded. Its freeware.

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Don't miss that if you don't have an touch screen so do you have to click away the first logo with the mouse button.
And on the title screen so do you nead to move down the mouse cursor and click mouse to get the level selection screen.
This whas done because of an windows touch screen bug in app game kit, that forced me to code the cursor to be positioned in a no click zone at the top every time the titel screen whas loaded.
This is for the one that is reviewing the download file as I got it removed the first time ?
And this is my second attempt to upload it.

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