Suffering space v0.3 by LoliKololi Special thanks to: Textures: Doom 3 textures-Doomero Classic HD textures-Skiner111 New Liquid-ProjectRemap 3D models-BlackRayne Doom 3 weapons and monsters-Doomero What changed: Updated some old maps Adde new maps (MAP10, MAP11, MAP12, MAP13 )

Suffering Space v0.3
mechaine - - 6 comments

к сожалению вылетает, когда подходишь к двери в sigma lab (после второго путешествия по вентиляции)

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Kills_Alone - - 121 comments

I played the new levels: MAP10 - MAP13 of v0.3.

A few good improvements, loading directly to MAP10 gave me no issues until it crashed at the end of MAP13.

As this was uploaded in May I wonder if you have a newer version by now.

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LoliKololi Author
LoliKololi - - 18 comments

Thank you for review.
I will try to finish the new version by December.

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Kills_Alone - - 121 comments

Thanks for the reply.

I like how you made some of the doors open via the interface next to each.

The world definitely needs more environmental effects to make it feel less static. Fire and smoke effects can be demanding but if used sparsely they could add a lot to the atmosphere, could also be used to grab the player's attention, or mask an area and make it look a bit different upon return.

Also consider more broken equipment such as doors that do not slide all the way open (or closed) and/or make terrible mechanical noises. Some doors would allow more opportunities to foreshadow whats to come.

Perhaps some broken elevators could be accessed, but going into them is certain death (or secret rooms could be hidden down there as well).

When you go through a security checkpoint you could have an alarm go off because it detected the player's weapons. Meanwhile the alarm wouldn't be raised if the player jumped and went through the center, avoiding the scanner, or by finding another way around. The noise from the alarm would scare the player and possibly alert some nearby enemies.

The Grabber is not very useful, but what if it could be used to force some doors or lockers open? Or it could interact with environmental objects (think Half-Life 2) to pull an object the player could use to walk across a treacherous gap.

Dead Space did a lot with background noises like occasional dropping tools, scraping, cutting, and other mechanical noises that might also be screams.

Like Silent Hill before it, DOOM 3 had that mode where rooms would kinda change (and you'd hear laughter) to their hellish counterpart, this scares the player and adds extra confusion/anxiety.

BTW, the Easter eggs of you and your friend are pretty funny.

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rrrwolfrrr - - 8 comments

А как запустить данный мод? распаковываю папку в GZdoom и ни чего не происходит, не запускается ( ЧТо надо делать после распаковки игры?
How to run this mod? I unpack the folder in GZdoom and nothing happens, it does not start (WHAT should I do after unpacking the game?

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