*New weapon: The Disruptor. It's an energy pistol which fires pulses or beams. It's fast, accurate and recoilless, on the other side a single blast is not powerful and gun overheats if used for too long. The weapon is good for taking out small groups of weaker enemies. Fighting larger foes is not recommended, but possible, if enough distance/cover is available. / *Map item and Scanner are now stored in player's inventory. You can use them anytime to either upload the full map, or de/activate the area scanning. Since they're so rare they do not deplete over time and can be used in multiple levels. / *Laser sight was added to pistol. / *Templar now shoots Mauler missiles, instead of thrasher sparks. / *Added dynamic lights for disruptor, mauler balls, electric darts ammo, map and scanner. / *For more, please see the ReadMe file.

Stife Uncut 1.4
Zaero Author

Please use the link below to download a HUD fix if it does not scale properly. Load the file after the mod itself - can be used mid-game (no new game required):

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