Update for the Usonia DLC! I didn't play through the entire campaign with the mod, so if there are any problems let me know.

Steel Harvest v2.6 (Usonia Update)(Outdated)

Arabian Camel machinegun seems too OP. They are not only fast but also tanky. Each model has ton of health. Their attack can easily evaporate an infantry squad. Other than that, this mod is perfect. How do I remove war tent from the mod?

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Yeah, Battle Camels seem a bit much. Fast, durable, and they can fire on the move. Any infantry out in the open is going to have a hard time with them, but I did notice some German stormtroopers in a bunker mulch them up, so they fail against defended positions

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Tark2 Author

Right, I will probably nerf them in the next update. I might lower their durability quite a bit so they can be used as quick precision tools against single infantry squads or something. Until then bunkers and mechs are probably the best solution against them.

If you want to remove the battle tent from the mod go into the engineer sections for each faction in the UITeamConfigurationRepository and UITeamConfigurationRepository_addon files in the config_mp folder and remove the tent entry for each of them.

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